Historic Bridge Spanning the Mississippi River

Events and To-Do

Listed below are events and things to do on and around the Stone Arch Bridge:

  • Segway Tours are given out of St. ANthony Main near Tuggs Tavern
  • Stone Arch Bridge Festival takes place in June and offers over 250 Musicians and artists
  • St. Anthony Lock and Dam can be seen from the Stone Arch Bridge and allow boats to pass around the Falls of St. Anthony
  • The bridge is an ideal location to walk, bike or run, offering great views of downtown and the Mississippi River.
  • Mill City Ruins can be seen from the bridge and the Mill City museum is near the downtown side of the Bridge
  • Mill City Park
  • Father Hennepin Park is on the downtown side of the Stone Arch Bridge
  • St. Anthony Falls can be seen from the Stone Arch Bridge with a short self guided walking tour available telling the history of the falls
  • Aquatennial Fireworks are best viewed from the Stone Arch Brdige and take place in July every year